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Outlook 2007 downloading SLOW! [message #205858] Sun, 26 August 2007 21:07
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Registered: May 2006
I'm a home user using Outlook 2007. I've used outlook 2003 for several years
without a problem. Downloading email is excruciatingly slow in OL 2007. I
never had this problem in OL 2003.

I have a 10mbps cable connection. Downloading files from the internet speeds
along at at approx 1.2 MB / sec. - I can download a megabyte in about a
second. However, to download 1 MB worth of messages in Outlook 2007 takes
upwards of a minute. I usually get about 10 - 15 MB of email since I belong
to several Yahoo Photo groups, and that takes several minutes to download.

I have all 3 email accounts set up correctly (POP-3) as they were in Outlook
2003. Why is Outlook 2007 so SLOW at downloading? Is anyone else having this
problem? Is this a result of the indexing feature? Is there any way to
completely disable indexing? And, is it advisable to keep indexing active?

I have not installed any anti-virus software (since I know that does slow
down email retrieval) because I want to solve this problem first.

I'd appreciate any replies to this.


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