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Imap's sent folder [message #265904] Wed, 16 January 2008 11:22 Go to next message
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A few weeks ago, I started having gmail check my e-mail account, then
using imap to sync messages into my Outlook 2007. If I remember
correctly, this was the process:

(note my original POP account was already in outlook)
-Set up outlook to sync with gmail's imap servers
-delete my pop account
-move messages in my local folders into the imap folders/labels
-sent a few messages, and noticed the annoying sent "From: <my gmail
account> ON BEHALF OF: <my pop account>" line on all my outgoing
-deleted the imap account from outlook
-re-created the imap account, but this time I told it to use my
original smtp server for outgoing messages, using alternate
-sent a message. At this point, outlook popped up a dialog asking me
what folder I wanted to use to save the sent messages. I chose my
"imap/[gmail]/sent mail" folder

So it works perfectly-the messages come directly from my pop address -
no on behalf of line, and nothing indicating gmail in the message
headers, with everything going into imap like it should.

It works so well, I started setting up a few other accounts like that
for co-workers. The problem is that I can't get it to save their sent
messages in the imap/[gmail]/sent mail folder...they keep being saved
locally only (in the personal folders/sent items folder). I tried and
tried to set up their accounts like mine, to no avail. The ONLY
difference is they're using Outlook 2003.

Searching google and especially this group, I'm beginning to
understand that the way my computer is set up is supposed to be
impossible, that is, all sent messages are supposed to go into the
local folder, and copied to an imap folder ONLY through use of a

....which is confusing to me because, as I noted, my computer is set up
to save them in the imap folders, and it's working great! Is this a
new feature in Outlook 2007 that hasn't been noticed en masse yet? Or
how the heck did I get this to work with no filters?
Re: Imap's sent folder [message #265915] Wed, 16 January 2008 12:01 Go to previous message
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> This is an Outlook 2007 feature.
> --
> Brian Tillman [MVP-Outlook]

Gosh, I'm sure glad they added it then!

Thanks for the info.
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