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Custom form Resize [message #359] Wed, 24 May 2006 12:24
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Hi all,

I used standard Message template and added custom control (RTF editor) on
the form. I want to make that control resize when user resizes the new
message window (similar to standard Message textbox).
I hid the standard message textbox and added code in Item_Open() to make my
control overlap original - so initial size and postion are correct (see code
below). And I checked the box 'resize with form' for the new control.
However, only control's width got resized with form but its height remained
the same.

Sub Item_Open()
Dim oPage
Dim oTIS, oOld
Set oPage = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages(1)
Set oTIS = oPage.Controls(oPage.Controls.Count - 1) ' custom control is
the last one
Set oOld = oPage.Controls("Message") ' original textarea
oTIS.Move oOld.Left, oOld.Top, oOld.Width, oOld.Height
Set oTIS = Nothing
Set oPage = Nothing
End Sub
To test that piece of code you can create a form and put new multiline

Any help is highly appreciated!
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