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form resize event handling (repost)

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form resize event handling (repost) [message #450] Thu, 29 June 2006 18:17
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Hi all,

I used standard Message template and added custom control (RTF editor) on
the form. I want to make that control resizes when user resizes the new
message window (similar to standard Message textbox).
I hid the standard message textbox and added code in Item_Open() to make my
control overlap original - so initial size and postion are correct (see code
below). And I checked the box 'resize with form' for the new control.
However, only control's width got resized with form but its height remained
the same.

Sub Item_Open()
Dim oPage
Dim oTIS, oOld
Set oPage = Item.GetInspector.ModifiedFormPages(1)
Set oTIS = oPage.Controls(oPage.Controls.Count - 1) ' custom control is
the last one
Set oOld = oPage.Controls("Message") ' original textarea
oTIS.Move oOld.Left, oOld.Top, oOld.Width, oOld.Height
Set oTIS = Nothing
Set oPage = Nothing
End Sub
To test that piece of code you can create a form and put new multiline

As workaround I tried to add a hook on parent window and resize my control
whenever parent gets resized... Two problems here:
- immediate parent gets lost when form resizing causes vertical scrollbar
dissapppear or appear;
- when I tried to use next parent (class "afxwndw") then attempts to move
the control based on parent size (GetWindowRect) resulted in weird positions
(and also depended on fact either scrollbar was visible or not)

I believe there should be some way to overcome those issues.

Any help is highly appreciated!
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