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Outlook add-in, display dialog box [message #763] Thu, 03 August 2006 05:22
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Hi all,

I am currently developping in C++ (with Visual Studio 6) an outlook
add-in. I need to ask the user to choose something from a combobox. So
what I thought is to do a Dialog Box asking the user to select an item
in a combobox. I did the same thing I would do for a normal exe that
is: creating the ressource, the class linked to the ressource and then
in my code when pressing a certain button displaying the DialogBox in a
modal way :

CDialogLabels dlgLabels;

Yes but it doesn't work ! GetLastError returns 1812
(ERROR_RESOURCE_DATA_NOT_FOUND : The specified image file did not
contain a resource section.). After a few researches I found out that
for a dll when doing that windows tries to load the ressource from the
exe (using the exe context) when it should load it from the DLL. Some
people proposed to add :

hPrevRes = AfxGetResourceHandle();
hRes = LoadLibrary("OutlookPhoenix.dll");


in the InitInstance of the dll

And then

in the ExitInstance.

This is setting the global resource handler to the dll instance

Right now the DialogBox is showing but ... Outlook crashes.
I tried a FreeLibrary in the ExitInstance, I tried not to get the hRes
by loading the library but using some
GetModuleHandle("OutlookPhoenix.dll") ... But still it's not working !
Outlook still crashes. I think it's because I'm setting globaly the
ResourceHandle for all the application and Outlook doesn't like that
(probably it tries also to load some resources and then crashes).

I tried to do the job using a modeless dialog box but can't manage to
display it (the Create fails, I can't get the full error description).

I don't have anymore ideas, could you help me ?

Thanks in advance,
Best Regards,
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