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How to stop Outlook 2010 from resizing JPG images?

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How to stop Outlook 2010 from resizing JPG images? [message #507214] Thu, 10 July 2014 17:48
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Problem: Every time I click 'Send' in Outlook(v2010) on an email into which I have inserted an image, Outlook from increases the size of the image in the email making it appear bigger and bigger... and so more and more blurred.

How (the heck) can I stop this?

I have Windows 7 (x64) running at 120DPI. My image (which I created using Photoshop CC (v14)).

When I right-click in Windows on the image I notice that the Horizontal Resolution and Vertical Resolution (on the Detail tab) are both "96 dpi".

What I suspect the problem to be is that because I am running Windows 7 at 120 DPI (i.e. Desktop ==> R-click ==> Personalise ==> Display ==> Set custom DPI==> 125%), Outlook for some idiotic reason thinks it needs to resize my image.

How can I either:

A) Stop Outlook from resizing the image... OR

B) Change the horizontal and vertical DPI settings on my JPG file

I tried pasting out of Photoshop straight into Outlook but the image sizes are truly vast (c. 2MB for am 800x450 pixel image).

I also tried changing the DPI setting on the image from within Photoshop, but when I save from Photoshop into a JPG, the image created always has a DPI of 96 for some reason.

Any thoughts?
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