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Nov 13, 2006

Adds for Outlook v.2.4 - collection of Outlook improvements.

Adds for Outlook is a plug-in component for Microsoft Outlook. This is a collection of small improvements. You can use Outlook as an alarm clock. But if you exit it by mistake alarm will not work. Adds for Outlook allows prevent Outlook from exiting. Instead it hides Outlook and sets an Outlook icon into the systray. So Outlook is always at hand and no alarm messages will be lost. The Reminder of ...

Nov 10, 2006

Agendus for Windows Outlook Edition version 4.2 brings personal information management to a whole new level.

Agendus not only simplifies routine operations but extends Microsoft Outlooks overall functionality. With features such as text capturing, Agendus toolbar, contact networking, driving directions, address lookup, weather forecast, voice recording, sketching and much more, youll love the many new choices youll get with Agendus for Windows. Agendus brings simplicity and improved functionality to Outl...

Nov 09, 2006

P-EncryptMail For Outlook

P-EncryptMail for Outlook is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook (2000 and up). The add-in lets you to encrypt your e-mail in the P-EncryptMail format directly in Microsoft Outlook. You can encrypt and decrypt any message thats already in any outlook folder. You can also encrypt messages and send them to other people.

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Nov 08, 2006

Information Management System Pro extends Microsoft Outlook to quickly and efficiently manage related email, tasks and appointments.

ClearContext Corp. announced the release of Information Management System Pro (IMS Pro) v3.0, an application that extends Microsoft Outlook to quickly and efficiently manage related email, tasks and appointments. IMS Pro is an automated personal email assistant fully supporting Microsoft Outlook 2007 and prior versions, extending email management capabilities to integrated task and schedule manage...

Nov 07, 2006

Tagging for Microsoft Outlook

People send and receive a lot of email, and a significant part of peoples time is in trying to manage their inbox, or find important information. Using tags, through a simple user interface you already know, is more productive than many confusing inbox folders, complex rules or new applications to learn. With Taglocity you will be able to find, manage and organize your large amount of Outlook info...

Nov 03, 2006

Aid4Mail 1.91 - Easily Convert, Export, Migrate, and Archive your Email

Update now available. It now handles files greater than 2 GB, better support for emails using UTF-8 characters, and more. Aid4Mail gives you the choice to export email merged into a single mailbox file or as individual message files. You can also extract file attachments and embedded contents separately from your mail folders. Another option lets you save your email without file attachments or, if...

Nov 02, 2006

Record Skype Calls. Get SMS Alerts, Voicemail in Inbox, Outlook Reminders via Phone and more!

Standard Outlook lets you send, receive, forward, reply to, store, organize, search, follow-up and archive emails. Outlook with Skylook lets you do all those things with phone calls too, as well as PC-to-PC calls, voicemail, instant messages and SMS. Skylook also combines email, reminders, calls, voicemail, instant messages and SMS in powerful ways - e.g. to send you SMS alerts when you miss remin...

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Nov 01, 2006

A new version of Duplicates Remover add-in from Mapilab

Mapilab company presents new Duplicates Remover for Microsoft Outlook. This ultimate outlook add-in is intended to delete duplicate contacts, notes, tasks, etc. in Microsoft Outlook; searching across folders. A duplicate found can be marked, copied or moved to any folder. New version is fully compatible with Microsoft Office 2007 (Beta 2 TR).

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Oct 31, 2006

Outlook messenger

Outlook Messenger is an award winning LAN Instant Messaging software designed for use within Office Network and Subnet. This LAN Instant Messenger shareware is an ideal replacement for Internet Messenger in companies, that creates private and secure messaging, and improve internal communications, business productivity and relationships with colleagues inside the organization. This LAN Instant Mess...

Oct 30, 2006

abylon CRYPTMAIL 6.3 - Encrypting and signing of Emails

Sending never again unencrypted emails. With abylon CRYPTMAIL offer abylonsoft a window and Outlook AddIn for email encrypting (incl. Attachments). Only the owner of the private key (HYBRID-System) or the correct password (SYMM-System) can open and read the protected emails. For any other person the content is locked. For the business use provide abylon CRYPTMAIL so-called Secure Message Envelops ...

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