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Jan 25, 2007

Microsoft Outlook 2007 Review

When you first run Outlook 2007, youd be forgiven for thinking that not much has changed, but it has in fact had a major overhaul. The main window still shows menus and toolbars, but all the other components have the new Ribbon interface. The various editors are based on Word, so you get most of its features and formatting while composing emails, including proofing tools. You can now show and hid...

Jan 19, 2007

Data recovery program for corrupted Microsoft Outlook Personal Storage Files

Recovery for Outlook is data recovery program for corrupted Microsoft Outlook Personal Storage Files (.pst). No special skills are required to use Recovery for Outlook. Simple user interface and full install/uninstall support make the program available to everyone.

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Jan 18, 2007

Automatically Send Auto Reply Emails from Outlook!

Auto Reply Manager allows you to easily define and send auto email replies right from your desktop, notifying your contacts that you are away, confirming incoming email messages or simply sending custom email templates. Our product is designed to send user defined email messages directly from Outlook, such as confirmation emails, vacation or out-of-the-office auto-replies. It autoresponds to I...

Jan 17, 2007


SpeedFiler integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook to make it easier to file your incoming and outgoing messages, helping you keep your mail organized. If you send and receive lots of email, like to keep it filed, and have many folders in a hierarchical structure, SpeedFiler will save you time. Quickly file received messages. SpeedFilers streamlined File In Folder window is much faster than O...

Jan 10, 2007

SyncMyCal - Google Outlook Calendar Synchonization Tool

SyncMyCal adds a toolbar to your Outlook which helps you perform one-click synchronization between your Outlook and Google calendars. You can choose which calendars you want to synchronize and if you want to perform one way or two way updates. Key features includes two-way calendar synchronization. Outlook to Google and Google to Outlook; Selective event synchronization through date range selectio...

Dec 21, 2006

MOBackup - Backup solution for Outlook 2000 up to Outlook 2007

Do you use Microsoft Outlook? Do you manage your e-mail traffic, your dates and contacts with Microsoft Outlook? Have you ever made a data backup for the case of need? No? What happens, if your computer broke down and wont work anymore? Your data will then be lost. Dont give this situation a chance! Make regular backups of your sensitive e-mail data from Microsoft Outlook and restore it to your...

Dec 20, 2006

ContactGenie DataPorter

ContactGenie DataPorter, a contact import and automated distribution tool for Microsoft Outlook 2000 - 2007 enabling rapid processing of new contact information received on a repetitive basis. Supports Outlook custom forms, user-defined fields, user-defined input record selection, and contact updates/deletions with field update options. Supports all major file formats including MySQL, & XML. Can b...

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Dec 13, 2006

Remind me Blank Subject

Sometimes when you send a message you forget to insert the subject. The receiver of your message could be an important client and that would be awkward for you. This add-in will automatically remind you that you have a blank subject before you really send the message scanning each outgoing email. You will have then the opportunity to insert a subject to your outgoing message. This add-in is easy t...

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Dec 11, 2006

Outlook Password Recovery Master

MS Outlook is one of the most popular office applications, used for e-mail communication and managing personal information. Most people use MS Outlook for multiple e-mail accounts. Once entered, password and login information is usually forgotten. Unless it is saved somewhere else, there is no way to get it. Except for the folks who own Outlook Password Recovery Master. The software features a ...

Dec 07, 2006

Attensa for Outlook 2.0: The Best RSS Reader for Enterprise Feed Reading

RSS is a firehose of information. Attensa for Outlook 2.0 is the free RSS reader for Microsoft Outlook that controls the flow. The information that matters to you rises to the top - automatically. Attensa for Outlook 2.0 is the only RSS reader designed for the enterprise. It helps business people cut through information overload by using AttentionStream technology to bring the business RSS subscri...