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Nov 01, 2006

A new version of Duplicates Remover add-in from Mapilab

Mapilab company presents new Duplicates Remover for Microsoft Outlook. This ultimate outlook add-in is intended to delete duplicate contacts, notes, tasks, etc. in Microsoft Outlook; searching across folders. A duplicate found can be marked, copied or moved to any folder. New version is fully compatible with Microsoft Office 2007 (Beta 2 TR).

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Oct 31, 2006

Outlook messenger

Outlook Messenger is an award winning LAN Instant Messaging software designed for use within Office Network and Subnet. This LAN Instant Messenger shareware is an ideal replacement for Internet Messenger in companies, that creates private and secure messaging, and improve internal communications, business productivity and relationships with colleagues inside the organization. This LAN Instant Mess...

Oct 30, 2006

abylon CRYPTMAIL 6.3 - Encrypting and signing of Emails

Sending never again unencrypted emails. With abylon CRYPTMAIL offer abylonsoft a window and Outlook AddIn for email encrypting (incl. Attachments). Only the owner of the private key (HYBRID-System) or the correct password (SYMM-System) can open and read the protected emails. For any other person the content is locked. For the business use provide abylon CRYPTMAIL so-called Secure Message Envelops ...

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Oct 27, 2006

Microsoft Junk E-mail Reporting Tool version 1.0 for Microsoft Office Outlook

The Junk E-mail Reporting Tool submits e-mail to Microsoft when you explicitly choose to do so. If you receive a junk e-mail and want to report it to us for analysis, first select the e-mail in Outlook and then click the junk e-mail button on your tool bar. You will see a pop-up window asking whether you want to report the selected e-mail to Microsoft and its affiliates. When you click “Yes” to co...

Oct 26, 2006

Microsoft Offers Free Office 2007 Upgrades, Defers $1.5 Billion In Sales

Customers who buy a PC in the Oct. 26, 2006 - March 15, 2007 time period with Office 2003 pre-installed on the machine will receive a coupon good for a free upgrade to a similar edition of Office 2007, Microsoft said Tuesday during a conference call with reporters and financial analysts. Users who purchase the full retail version of Office 2003 between Oct. 26, 2006 and Feb. 28, 2007 will also rec...

Oct 25, 2006

Active Desktop Calendar 6.4 - Organizer, tasks and calendar on your desktop wallpaper

This fully customizable calendar with notes, tasks, alarms and contacts provides seamless integration and interactivity with the desktop background. You can organize your data in layers and share them with other people on a local area network. The program can integrate with Outlook to show its appointments and tasks on the desktop. There are options for changing calendar icons, fonts and colors, m...

Oct 24, 2006

Major update for Automatic Print Email

Automatic Print Email is the ideal program for all those which do not have time or the reflex to look at their emailbox. This software checks at regular interval your emailbox and automatically prints the new mails and attachments without downloading them in your mail software (Like Outlook, Pegasus, Thunderbird...). You can define rules which changes the printer according to the type of email or ...

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Oct 23, 2006

The new update of ShareO, ShareCalendar, ShareContacts is available for download

4team software products are developed to improve the productivity and efficiency of a workgroup that uses Microsoft Office programs as its software basis. ShareO for Microsoft Outlook - Share Outlook calendar, contacts, journal, mail, tasks and notes folders with other Outlook users without a server with this easy-to-use utility. ShareCalendar is based on ShareO functionality and allows the users ...

Oct 20, 2006

With e-Campaign you can accomplish these tasks with ease.

e-Campaign is an efficient group email and email marketing tool for companies, ezine publishers and professionals, as well as individuals, to communicate with their customers, subscribers, and other email contacts effectively. With e-Campaign bulk email software you can design rich HTML emails, newsletters, and ezines easily, and deliver personalized email messages to your customer base and mailin...

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Oct 19, 2006

AttachWay for OWA

AttachWay for OWA gives Outlook Web Access users the ability to attach and send internal documents with their emails. By clicking OWAs Attachments button, users can now fully browse their internal folders, locate files and send as normal. AttachWay also allows users to save existing attachments to internal folders. Offers enhanced Security as no documents need to be downloaded in order to send th...