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MailPilot*IN 2.5.3

Filters incoming messages according to several criteria and carries out various treatments on messages answering the filter.

MailPilot*IN handles automated processing of messages received. MailPilot*IN filters incoming messages according to several criteria and carries out various treatments on messages answering the filter.

10 filters can be defined for each of the following criteria:

  • Message type (message or notification)
  • Subject
  • Message priority
  • Message importance
  • Sender
  • Recipient
  • Number of attachments

The tasks available are:

  • Extract header, message and attachments to process the data externally
  • Generate a read receipt
  • Move, copy or delete a message
  • Remove attachments
  • Print a message and attachments selecting the printer
  • Start an external program with return code analysis
  • Mark message as 'read'

All tasks performed are recorded in a log file. Management of the filter, tasks and log files is fully configurable. Then the message is exported, a data entry form can be specified and user controlled (i.e. an SQL order).

During the printing, a client data entry form can be used with a RTF format that the user can adapt with his own elements (text, logos...).

The product manages the delivery and read notifications which enables for example to export and print notifications and associated elements (recipient list with error, message sent in return, etc...).

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