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Sep 19, 2006


OutlookTools is a support and advanced settings tool for Microsoft Office Outlook. It gives you easy access to Outlook settings and data folders and allows you to change settings that are normally only possible through the registry.

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Sep 14, 2006

Outlook 2003 Junk E-Mail Filter update

This update provides the Junk E-mail Filter in Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 with a current definition of the e-mail messages that should be considered junk e-mail. This update was released in September 2006.

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Sep 07, 2006

Outlook Profile

Configure Microsoft Outlook profiles automatically or allow users to configure their profiles with a single click with Outlook Profile 2005. The latest edition has been designed to operate within an Exchange server environment where both users and administrators are able to create and edit select Outlook profiles.

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Sep 06, 2006

SYNCING.NET for Outlook

SYNCING.NET for Outlook is a full featured solution for synchronization of Microsoft Outlook data between multiple computers. All data is transmitted directly between the computers via LAN/WLAN and/or the internet (peer-to-peer). Once selected, the Outlook data is synchronized completely automatically. Users dont need to do anything more and can work with Outlook as usual. Any changes to Outlook i...

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Sep 05, 2006

MAPILab presents boxed versions of plug-ins for Outlook Express on the Japanese market.

The MAPILab company together with FrontLine has issued a series of boxed versions of useful and essential utilities for Outlook Express on the Japanese market. Mail Recovery for Outlook Express, Remove Duplicates from Outlook Express, Send Personally for Outlook Express are now widely available for Japanese customers.

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Aug 23, 2006

Outlook 2007 Search Update: Windows Desktop Search 3.0 Beta 2

Windows Desktop Search 3.0 (WDS) enables fast search on your computer using indexing technology. It helps you to find your documents, email, music, photos and other items. The search engine in Windows Desktop Search 3.0 is a Windows service that is also used by applications such as Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and Office OneNote 2007 to index application content and deliver instant results when s...

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Aug 22, 2006

ClearContext IMS

Now available in two versions, a free personal edition and a more powerful professional version, ClearContext IMS is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook that automatically prioritizes, organizes, and color-codes the e-mail in your inbox, placing the most important e-mails from the most important senders are at the top of the inbox, ready to be dealt with immediately. Less important e-mails, such as ne...

Aug 22, 2006


CalendarPro is a rules-based docketing solution for Outlook creates multiple reminders for a single event based on a template you can create, edit, and save. Free.

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Aug 22, 2006


Notes2 plug-in for Microsoft Outlook allows you to create and stick Notes to Outlook e-mails, tasks, contacts, appointments and meetings like using Post-It notes. Auto-insert content of the linked note, when replying or forwarding e-mail. Customize notes with different colors or text fonts. Easy items filtering by note presence. Notes reminder and date/time stamp. Auto-mark with the flag an Outloo...

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Aug 03, 2006

MAPILab - Microsoft Worldwide partner conference exhibitor 2006

The MAPILab company, a leading developer of software solutions for Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Office, exhibited its products at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2006 on July 11-13, 2006 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in Boston, MA, USA.

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