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Mar 22, 2007

Outlook to Skype integration

Look2Skype is an Outlook add-in which integrates Skype IP Telephony and instant messaging into Microsoft Outlook 2000, XP, and 2003. With Look2Skype installed you can make Skype IP telephony calls, SkypeOut Skype calls to non-Skype users, and start Skype Instant Messenger chats directly from your contact list and e-mails in Outlook.

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Mar 21, 2007

Attensa RSS Reader beta for Outlook

Attensa announced a free beta release of their RSS Reader for Microsoft Outlook - an integrated RSS reader. It adds additional tools to receive and manage RSS, as well as to process information with AttentionStream processing - to analyze behaviors and organize based on trends.Attensa for Outlook is the first RSS reader designed specifically for enterprise use. The Attensa for Outlook 2007 feature...

Mar 19, 2007

NEO Pro - instant browsing, instant searching.

An Outlook add-on that shows you many, many views of all your messages - by date, by sender, by attachment - in all the ways you think about email, and its instantly searchable. NEO works with all versions of Outlook and Exchange Server.

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Mar 05, 2007

Google Desktop Search Add-In for Outlook

Another real mystery with Google Desktop Search is that therere no hooks from within the Microsoft Outlook in order to use the new search engine directly from Outlook. Again, you have to double-click an icon in system tray or type in those space-greedy search boxes. And even more - you have to click Email tab in search results in order to see only email results! Again, the solution is here. Google...

Mar 05, 2007

Time Zone Data Update tool for Microsoft Office Outlook

Microsoft has released a hotfix package for the Time Zone Data Update tool for Microsoft Office Outlook (Outlook Time Zone Data Update tool). The hotfix package adds command-line options that can be used with the Outlook Time Zone Data Update tool to address issues that may occur in specific scenarios. Five scenarios are discussed to show how the command-line options can be used to address the iss...

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Feb 27, 2007

Outlook 2007 Update for Palm OS Devices

If you use Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 on Windows XP or Windows Vista, youll need this update to perform HotSync operations with Outlooks Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes, as well as optional non-wireless Email sync.

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Feb 09, 2007

Outlook Attachments Security Manager - Free add-in from Office-Outlook.Com

Outlook Attachments Security Manager allows you to define which attached files should be considered as "dangerous" for their further blocking, and which "secure" for granting access to them. If you often send various attachments by e-mail, you have come across the situation when Microsoft Outlook completely blocks access to potentially insecure types of files (e.g., to *.exe, etc.), even though yo...

Feb 05, 2007

Windows Vista Available Everywhere

The wait is over. Its official. Retail store shelves are adorned with rows of stylized boxes that contain the various flavors of Microsofts Windows Vista operating system and Office 2007 productivity suite. Vista became available at more than 39,000 retail stores in more than 70 countries on Tuesday with all the fanfare Microsoft could muster. Indeed, Redmond is calling Vista the most significa...

Jan 25, 2007

Microsoft Outlook 2007 Review

When you first run Outlook 2007, youd be forgiven for thinking that not much has changed, but it has in fact had a major overhaul. The main window still shows menus and toolbars, but all the other components have the new Ribbon interface. The various editors are based on Word, so you get most of its features and formatting while composing emails, including proofing tools. You can now show and hid...

Jan 19, 2007

Data recovery program for corrupted Microsoft Outlook Personal Storage Files

Recovery for Outlook is data recovery program for corrupted Microsoft Outlook Personal Storage Files (.pst). No special skills are required to use Recovery for Outlook. Simple user interface and full install/uninstall support make the program available to everyone.

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