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Antispam & Security

Microsoft Outlook add-ins designed for spam fighting and provide a necessary level of security when working with Microsoft Outlook.

Attachments Processing

Microsoft Outlook add-ons allowing the user to optimize different operations with attachments in Outlook messages:getting access, saving attachments to a hard disc, etc.


Microsoft Outlook add-ins allowing the user to automate some routine operations in Outlook, for example, automatic printing of messages received from specified senders or adding new senders to contacts folders.

Backup, sync, archiving

Microsoft Outlook add-ons intended for creating reserve copies of various Outlook items as well as archiving and synchronizing Outlook folders and PST-files.


Microsoft Outlook add-ons for easy contacts management: contacts exporting/importing, adding and modifying; contacts updating and verification, a possibility of adding a great number of custom fields etc.


Essential solutions for group collaboration based on Microsoft Outlook: creation of shared folders and support of group calendars, tasks and shared messages, etc.


Microsoft Outlook plug-ins for efficient work with Outlook mail messages: notification, mail distribution, templates, quotes and disclaimers.


Various useful Microsoft Outlook plug-ins that are not included in the another sections.


Microsoft Outlook add-ins allowing the user to increase their productivity: creation of mail templates, message monitoring, extended mail merging, etc.