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Automation tools for Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook add-ins allowing the user to automate some routine operations in Outlook, for example, automatic printing of messages received from specified senders or adding new senders to contacts folders.

Advanced Folders Watch

Advanced Folders Watch watches the specified folder groups of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server, informs the user of new messages meeting certain selection criteria (filters). User notification can be passive or active. In the first instance, AFW creates posts in the specified folder, containing links to the messages found and message texts. In the second instance, the messages found are shown in a pop-up window with many features.

Always BCC

This add-in will perform either a BCC (blind carbon copy) or a CC (carbon copy) automatically, every time you email.

Appointments By Email

Outlook addin automatically adds appointments to your calendar by sending an email with a date/time and a message describing the appointment.

Auto Print

Automatically prints email as it arrives at your Inbox without you having to do anything.

Automatic Print Email

Ideal program for all those which do not have time or the reflex to look at their emailbox. This software checks at regular interval your emailbox and automatically prints the new emails and attachments without downloading them in your mail software (Like Outlook, Pegasus, Thunderbird...). You can define rules which changes the printer according to the type of email.


Add-in program integrated into Microsoft Outlook email toolbar that significantly simplifies the process of sending numerous or repetitive email messages. Texts, templates, Messenger like Emoticons, attachments can make your personalized email responses look professional in just a few clicks.


Email2DB is an email parser and auto-responder. It parses email messages and extracts data to update databases and send auto-responses. Email2DB is ideal for any form-based emails such as orders, payments, web site feedback forms etc. Email2DB can also send multiple custom auto reponse emails, process attachments and print custom reports and more. Read emails from mail servers or direct from Outook 2003/2007 folders.

File Fetch

Access your home files while you're at work. Retrieve a file from any of your Windows folders using just email.

File Fetch

Now you can receive any file from your computer to your e-mail! In complete safety: you can limit the folder list from which you can take files, to specify the file list to be sent on your request, set a password on the file request and set a password to the archive holding the file being sent.

File Send Automatically

As soon as you change the price list do you have to send it to all your partners? This Outlook plug-in will do it for you automatically: it will "keep an eye" on the specified files and as soon as they get changed will send them itself. You will have time to correct a mistake: you can ask it to wait a few seconds or even hours after the file has been changed before carrying out its task - thus, you will have time to correct the document.

Find and Replace

This component is used for searching and replacing data in the folders of Microsoft Outlook. With the help of this Outlook plug-in you can perform grouped data replacement of contacts, messages, tasks, notes, reminders and Journal entries.

FreeBusy for Microsoft Outlook

Convenient, cost effective and easy to use MS Outlook e-mail responder allowing you to automatically reply to all your incoming e-mail correspondence even if you are away from your computer.


Plug-in integrated into the Rules Wizard as a Custom Action. MP*Print transforms basic printing into an automated high printing function.


You want to synchronize your Pocket-PC or Mobile Phone with other Microsoft® Outlook® folders than default-folders? So you can have a look at OLMixedFolders. Here you copy all items from public-folders or subfolders to your default-folder which is synchronized with your Pocket-PC via your synchronization-software like ActiveSync.

Print Tools for Outlook

A Microsoft Outlook add-in for printing incoming and outgoing messages and/or attachments. Being an action for Rules it can print the messages automatically without even opening them. It prints documents from ZIP and RAR archives and allows you to specify the file types to print. The handy Print Wizard helps you to print selected items or specify the range for manual printing. Toolbar buttons allows you to print items in only two mouse clicks.

Schedule Recurring Email

Eliminate tedious repetitive email chores...schedule an automatic email that will go out at intervals that you define. Perfect for sending reminder email about baseball game practices, upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, even a medication reminder.

Sent Items Organizer

The Sent Items Organizer add-in allows you to dynamically save your sent emails in Outlook folders other than the default. You can save them according to who you're sending to, keywords in the subject or body of the email, or you can have it prompt you where to save each time - or all three. Plus, you can run it on all your existing emails helping you get organized quickly.

Subscription Manager

Provide your respondents with an opportunity to manage their subscription to your mailing lists on their own! Your respondents can include and remove themselves from mailing lists in your contacts folder all by sending an e-mail with a special command in the subject line.