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Groupware solutions and Microsoft Outlook sharing

Essential solutions for group collaboration based on Microsoft Outlook: creation of shared folders and support of group calendars, tasks and shared messages, etc.

4Team for Microsoft Outlook

Cost-effective project management solution for workgroup and personal use that is made as an add-on for Microsoft Outlook and allows its users to easily share and manage their projects and Outlook data without or with a server.

4Team Server

Server synchronization for 4Team for MS Outlook, integrated with an existing 4Team Online (Server Edition) for web access without Outlook, Unlimited number of teams and users, server and email synchronization, MySQL database.

Advanced Exchange Recovery

Advanced Exchange Recovery is a powerful recovery tool for Microsoft Exchange offline storage(.ost) files. It can scan the orphaned or corrupted offline storage files(.ost) and recover your emails, folders, posts, appointments, meeting requests, contacts, distribution lists, tasks, journals, notes, etc. in them. Moreover, it can recover deleted items, recover oversized 2GB OST files, and convert OST files into PST format.

Exchange Central

Exchange Central is a planning tool for Outlook users, who want to control and manage many Outlook calendars. Exchange Central also improves the collaboration and the communication level between employees and the different departments in your company/organization. If you miss the consolidated overview of Outlook calendars, then Exchange Central is the tool you are looking for.

Exchange GroupCalendar

3 clicks, that's all you need to use your sophisticated Exchange 2000 or 2003 server for what it was designed to do: Easy Collaboration. Exchange GroupCalendar enables anyone who can count to three to install and manage an unlimited number of company shared calendars. The perfect tool to help your team collaborate trough Outlook. Either at your desk in the office or at home over the internet.

ExInsight for Microsoft Exchange

ExInsight is a monitoring and statistics tool that provides a real-time view of the internals of Exchange Server transactions and allows you to evaluate individual user's usage of Exchange Server. By using this tool, you can gather real-time data about the users in an Exchange environment and learn more about the inner workings of MAPI, OWA, POP3, IMAP4, NNTP and other protocols.

GroupCalendar for Outlook

Share Outlook schedules in a group calendar and create appointments for others? All you need is a networked pc!

HelpDesk for Outlook and SharePoint

HelpDesk for Outlook and SharePoint connects Outlook to SharePoint and takes advantage of the best of the two Microsoft products. This a new help desk application from Outlook Solutions. can be used for many kinds of issue tracking and user support. The software is safe for the future, since it builds on SharePoint, an environment that Microsoft is favoring strongly. 30 days free evaluation of the full product. No per user fee.

KBase for Outlook

KBase is a knowledge base that runs completely in an Exchange Public folder. No extra windows - knowledge base available right inside Outlook. Publish articles to web pages with just the press of a button.

Mailbox Central

Mailbox Central consists of two different modules: one for the management of the Out-of-Office function in Outlook and one for handling a general and central setup of the corperate email signature.

MAPILab Groupware Server

This product is intended to be used with an office local area network and is developed according to client-server technology. Product provides real-time access to shared message folders stored on the server. From a cliental point of view, folders on MAPILab Groupware Server look and behave exactly the same as folders on Microsoft Exchange Server: the moment someone creates a new note in the folder, you will see it at your place.

Office Central

Office Central is an email and document collaboration tool for Outlook which enhances the collaboration between co-workers. With Office Central you, and your group, can start organizing your emails and documents and get one access point to all information within your company.


Sharing Outlook calendar, contact, and task information is easy with OfficeCalendar. View, create, and edit your co-worker's appointments and contacts just as you do with your own - all from within your copy of Microsoft Outlook and without Microsoft Exchange Server. Also, create interactive customizable group calendars for easy group scheduling. Download your free trial today.


Outlook team work - Microsoft Outlook 97 to 2007 network solutions without or in connection with an Exchange Server. OLfolders formerly well-known as WorkGroupFolders enables the common real time access to all folders in your Outlook network without a complex network Server. Install OLfolders simply central on any Outlook Workstation PC in your Network and from then on you work simultaneously "everyone with everyone" in your Outlook network.

OLfolders PE

OLfolders PE is a small edition of OLfolders formerly well-known as OutlookFolders which allows sharing Microsoft Outlook in a network without installing a complex server application. It runs under any version of Windows from Windows 95 to Vista and with Outlook 97 to 2007. It enables sharing personal data files with 11 users in a network; you are able to share contacts, tasks, appointments, emails ... at all workstation at the same time.


OLFolderSync can synchronize any Microsoft Outlook folder with anyone else`s (except Drafts, Outbox, Sent Items and Deleted Items). The folders you allow to be synchronized will do so in the background by e-mail. You can easily synchronize Outlook folders through the internet without the need for both parties to be online at the same time. If you have private data elements on Outlook you can exclude them from the synchronization process.

Public Folder HelpDesk for Outlook

Auto-create tickets from e-mail or webform. Describe problems using attached files and rich text. Categorize tickets based on configurable lists of problem types. Get information from Contacts or GAL. Open tickets stored in Outlook and in an Access/SQL database, closed retained only in database but can be re-created in Outlook. Mail conversations can be tracked. Integrated statitics tool facilitates business intelligence. Knowledge base.

Public ShareFolder

Share your Microsoft Outlook PST file. Individual rights for each User. Select different users. Delete, write folders.


QSynchronization is a Microsoft Office Outlook add-in without or additionally to a Microsoft Exchange Server. QSynchronization synchronizes uni- or bidirectional your Microsoft Outlook folders with Outlook notebooks such as contacts, calendars, appointments, tasks, emails or PDA with your central Outlook Folders. It can synchronize any folder type for example between a notebook and a central desktop, between public folders and personal folders.

Resource Central

Partnering with Microsoft Outlook and the Exchange Server, Resource Central offers you the opportunity to order all associated services for your meetings. Resource Central also handles all changes or cancellations and sends order receipts automatically.

ShareCalendar for Microsoft Outlook

ShareCalendar is based on ShareO functionality and allows the users to share and synchronize their Outlook Calendar folders' data and create group / public calendars.

ShareContacts for Microsoft Outlook

ShareContacts is based on ShareO functionality and allows the users to share and synchronize their Outlook Contacts folders' data and create public address book.

ShareO for Microsoft Outlook

Share Outlook calendar, contacts, journal, mail, tasks and notes folders with other Outlook users without a server with this easy-to-use utility. Share documents and files.

WebTeam Central

Web based Team calendar - offers even better opportunities for increased productivity and improved customer service. WebTeam Central gathers the appointments from other Outlook calendars and gives companies and users the ability to collaborate regardless of the whereabouts of the individual user.