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Contacts add-ons for Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook add-ons for easy contacts management: contacts exporting/importing, adding and modifying; contacts updating and verification, a possibility of adding a great number of custom fields etc.

Actual Contacts for Outlook

Actual Contacts for Outlook is a Microsoft Outlook add-in for validating and updating your address book. Select contacts and ACO will send them a message containing a form. The respondents will be able to update the data in your address book by filling out the form and sending it back to you. E-mail addresses in your Microsoft Outlook address book can be verified with just a few mouse clicks.

Add Contacts

Microsoft Outlook add-in. Add Contacts automatically, adds e-mail addresses to the contact folder when you reply to a message and/or send a new message. This will help you avoid losing addresses of people you correspond with. Moreover, the collected addresses can be used for mail filtering.

Add Email Address

This add-in allows you to add email addresses to any contacts folder automatically. Become more organized by setting up the add-in to show you each name it adds (in a grid, where you can check which people to add) or just have it automatically add contacts without any intervention by you.


Microsoft Outlook add-on solution for management of your contacts in the Contacts folder of Microsoft Outlook 2002-2003. Sort by contact name, company name, etc. If you are looking for means to save your time, this software program is for you.

ContactGenie-Message Class Modifier

ContactGenie-Message Class Modifier is a utility that enables the modification of message classes for existing Microsoft Outlook contacts. Contacts can also be deleted, moved, or copied based on selected message class. Supports Outlook 2000-2007 and runs either as a standalone or Outlook addin (addin function not available in Outlook 2000). Displays all forms published to folder, personal or Exchange organizational forms libraries.

Duplicate Contacts Eliminator

Tired of seeing two or more identical contacts in your Outlook folders? Easily eliminate duplicate Outlook contacts with the Duplicate Contacts Eliminator add-in.

Genius Connect - Contact

GeniusConnect turns Outlook into a more powerful information management tool through database connectivity! Improved efficiency while working in Outlook through immediate access to current database information. Easy access to contact, calendar and customer information, stored in your database. Create Tasks in Outlook based on events in your database. Connectivity to any standard SQL Database.

Hide Fax Numbers

For everyone who has Outlook and doesn't like the duplicate email addresses that popup when you select the "To:" (in the "Select Names" window), this add-in is for you. It will change all fax numbers for a contact to have a pre-pended "Fax:" before the number.

Hide Fax Numbers

If you store phone and fax numbers in your contact folders it may become difficult with time to find a contact when you create a new message. This plug-in allows the hiding of fax numbers from the contact details list to make choosing the contact you need easier and to help avoid sending the message to a fax instead of an e-mail.

Mailing List Services

Looks for email addresses in specified folders, and then add them to the Contacts folder, address book, distribution list or in the text file.

Nobex Contacts

Nobex Contacts saves a lot of hassle. When you receive an email with contact information in a signature block, our technology finds the block, parses it, and pops up a notification to tell you it was found. You click it, and Nobex Contacts creates a new item in your Contacts address book. No more going back to find contact information in old emails, no more cutting and pasting contact information fields, no more typing info manually.

Outlook TeamContacts

To get a good overview of your co-worker contacts in one global address list integrated with Outlook is a challange. TeamContacts is an easy to install Outlook add-on, which solves that problem effectively and flexibly. Share your Outlook Contacts! No Exchange Server required. Filter the address cards you want or share with categories. PDA is supported. Uses a shared database, no email connectivity required.

Public Mail 2 Contact

Public Mail 2 Contact is a very useful Outlook addon for the preparation of newsletters and for a statistical analysis of e-mail traffic. Many contacts are lost because it is difficult to import contact data from e-mails to Outlook efficiently. This Outlook addon helps you to transfer the e-mail addresses from thousands of e-mails most efficiently to Outlook.

Signature2Contacts for Outlook

Signature2Contacts retrieves the existing information from the e-mail message signature, automatically fills in the Contact form and offers tools for its further editing: assigning selected parts of signature to appropriate fields, clearing and rearranging form data.

SkypeContact Dialer for Microsoft Outlook

SkypeContact plugin is a convenient tool for integrating Skype to Microsoft Outlook. This software solution allows you to view all available contact information and choose the most suitable way to communicate. SkypeContact provides functionality for retrieving contact information for basic Outlook items such as e-mails, tasks, meetings and events

VCard Converter

Easily convert all your contacts to vCard format with one click of your mouse with the VCard Converter Add-In. It allows you to export all your contacts within a folder, or you can choose to export just the ones you select. In addition, you can import multiple contacts from a single vcf file.

vCard Converter

If you need to save your data in the vCard format or to update your contacts using the data in the vCard format, vCard Converter is created to help you. It will allow you to import any files in the vCard format (.vcf files) as well as to save vCard data from the contacts, from messages into the contacts or files in the vCard format.

Vcard4Outlook for Micosoft Outlook

vCard Wizard is a simple utility for personal use designed as an add-on solution for Microsoft Outlook. It allows you to easily convert (import-export) all your Outlook Contacts information from/to vCard format files.