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Add-ins for tasks, journal and calendar management

Microsoft Outlook add-ins for easy management of tasks, journal and calendar items.

Active Desktop Calendar

Fully customizable calendar with notes/appointments, tasks, alarms and contacts. It features integration and interactivity with a desktop wallpaper, shares calendar layers in a local network and displays data from Outlook and Google calendars.

Calendar Browser for Outlook

Calendar Browser for Outlook is based on Public Folders or Mailboxes. Requires no client installation. Supplies can be booked at the same time as the resource. Multiple calendars can be shown. Resources can be described in .html, with integrated WYSIWYG editor, and end users can specify their needs and search for free resources. The Overview gives a summary of resources and of the scheduling of team members. Archiving. Powerful statistics tool.

Contacts Journaling

Outlook allows turning the journaling on for individual contacts stored in the Contacts folder. But what if you have several contact folders and total number of contacts is more than a hundred? In this case, switching on journaling manually can be very boring and exhausting task. You can avoid these situations if you use our Outlook add-in - Contacts Journaling.

Duplicate Appointments Eliminator

Suddenly have too many duplicate appointments? Now there's a better way to remove these unwanted copies. Duplicate Appointments Eliminator add-in allows you to eliminate duplicate appointments.

Duplicate Journals Eliminator

Sometimes synchronizing with a PDA incorrectly will inadvertently cause duplicate journal entries (especially if you're a Palm user!). You can easily take care of these with the Duplicate Journal Eliminator.

Duplicate Notes Eliminator

Outlook Notes are frequently duplicated as a result of synchronizing with PDAs. Save time and effort by automatically eliminating notes that are duplicates of each other.

Duplicate Tasks Eliminator

Everyone who synchronizes will run into a duplicaton problem. Save time by easily eliminating tasks that are duplicates of each other.

Duplicates Remover for Outlook

Delete duplicate contacts, notes, tasks, journal and calendar items in Microsoft Outlook folders, Microsoft Exchange Server folders; support searching across folders. A duplicate found can be marked, copied or moved to any folder.

E-mail Scheduler

Do you have to send identical messages again and again (say, every Friday)? This Outlook plug-in will do it for you! You can attach files to the message as well as specify the paths where the attached files to be can be found so the process can be almost fully automated. Do you have to send new documents to the central archive every evening? No problem!

Email Reminder

Are you out of the office on a regular basis? This Outlook plug-in will resend your reminders about meetings and tasks to your pager, cell phone or PDA using e-mail! Practically all cell operators have a channel between e-mail and SMS that is why this plug-in is compatible with any mobile device!

Genius Connect - Calendar

GeniusConnect turns Outlook into a more powerful information management tool through database connectivity! Improved efficiency while working in Outlook through immediate access to current database information. Easy access to contact, calendar and customer information, stored in your database. Create Tasks in Outlook based on events in your database. Connectivity to any standard SQL Database.

Journal All Contacts

Turn journaling on or off for all contacts within a folder with just one click. Normally, each contact has to be individually selected but with this add-in, all contacts within the folder chosen have their journaling turned on or off

Outlook NameDays

Automatically adds the namedays of all countries where this is celebrated, to your Outlook Calendar. Simply select the country for which you want to add the namedays and the calendar you want to add it to. 365 whole day appointments will be created in your Outlook Calendar. Of course you can synchronize these with your mobile phone etc so that you can see the namedays whereever you go.

P2P Calendar Synchronizer

Client-side Calendar Sync between Exchange/Outlook Personal and Public Folders, PDAs, Pocket PCs and Smartphones mobile sync.

PlainSight Desktop Calendar

PlainSight Desktop Calendar is a great looking desktop calendar which can be fully integrated with Windows wallpaper. It stays on your desktop and shows the days of the current month. It can display Microsoft® Outlook® data, which you can directly manipulate, and weather forecasts from weather information servers. It also uses high-quality fonts, looks pretty, and has lots of skins.

Schedules4Team for Microsoft Outlook

Cost-effective solution for workgroup and personal use that has been designed an add-on for Microsoft Outlook. This documentation will help workgroup/team members use the Schedules4Team software in order to be able to easily access a common workgroup calendar and share their appointments, meetings, events and resources with or without Exchange Server using just e-mail features.

Super 1-Click Outlook Duplicate Delete

Deletes duplicate mails, contacts + calendar items with single click. Contacts aren't only deleted, they're merged, taking the best data from each version into one new contact. Great: Everything can be undone! In one-click-mode one single click is enough and the dupes are securely recognized and pushed into the recycle bin. No further dialogs or confirmations. Give it a try!

Task Email Scheduler

The Task Email Scheduler is virtually identical to the Email Scheduler , but this Outlook addin is aimed at the group of users that are used to working with the standard Microsoft Outlook scheduler. As with Email Scheduler, when creating a new message you can click the “Task Email Scheduler” button and set the parameters of sending. At the same time, a new task will be added in the standard Microsoft Outlook scheduler.


TaskColors 4Outlook is an Outlook addon that lets you color your task lists with different colors. This makes it faster and easier to identify important tasks. TaskColors 4Outlook is a valuable tool for both planning and management of your and your team's time.

TimeCard for Outlook

Plan and report time in the Outlook Calendar. No extra app needed. Complete Outlook-based time reporting for workgroups or single users. Work in your calendar as you normally would, but select one, two or three extra properties from dropdowns to each appointment. Send the appointment information directly into open MS Access /SQL Server. Free add-on for Windows Mobile. Powerful statistics tool. Also future planning based on calendar entries.