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Add-On Products

Add-On Products improves scheduling and distribution of information for Microsoft users worldwide. As an industry leader in developing add-on functionality, such as group calendars, for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Outlook, we also offer custom-made solutions for our clients. Listening to clients and analyzing market trends closely have given us an edge in developing award winning solutions that are saving our users time and money.

Resource Central

Partnering with Microsoft Outlook and the Exchange Server, Resource Central offers you the opportunity to order all associated services for your meetings. Resource Central also handles all changes or cancellations and sends order receipts automatically.

Office Central

Office Central is an email and document collaboration tool for Outlook which enhances the collaboration between co-workers. With Office Central you, and your group, can start organizing your emails and documents and get one access point to all information within your company.

WebTeam Central

Web based Team calendar - offers even better opportunities for increased productivity and improved customer service. WebTeam Central gathers the appointments from other Outlook calendars and gives companies and users the ability to collaborate regardless of the whereabouts of the individual user.

Exchange Central

Exchange Central is a planning tool for Outlook users, who want to control and manage many Outlook calendars. Exchange Central also improves the collaboration and the communication level between employees and the different departments in your company/organization. If you miss the consolidated overview of Outlook calendars, then Exchange Central is the tool you are looking for.

Mailbox Central

Mailbox Central consists of two different modules: one for the management of the Out-of-Office function in Outlook and one for handling a general and central setup of the corperate email signature.