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Lookout Software

Lookout Software, Ltd. was established in the summer of 2003 by a group of software engineers, product managers, and other software professionals with the goal of providing small and mid-sized businesses with a more cost effective alternative to Microsoft Exchange Server for sharing Outlook calendars.


Sharing Outlook calendar, contact, and task information is easy with OfficeCalendar. View, create, and edit your co-worker's appointments and contacts just as you do with your own - all from within your copy of Microsoft Outlook and without Microsoft Exchange Server. Also, create interactive customizable group calendars for easy group scheduling. Download your free trial today.

Attachment Security for Microsoft Outlook

"Outlook blocked access to the following potentially unsafe attachment ..." If you get this message when attempting to access an Outlook email attachment you'll want to install Attachment Security for Outlook; a free program for unlocking attachments blocked by Outlook. Attachment Security for Microsoft Outlook is a free and easy to use software program that allows you to open attachments blocked by Microsoft Outlook e-mail security.