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Time-Saving Addins for Microsoft Outlook Make Outlook More Powerful & Easier to Use.


Our Outlook mass mail add on uses Categories to help you organize lists of contacts to send personalized mail to. The email merge software wizard shows you how and you'll be "merging" in no time!

eMailMerge4Outlook PRO

eMailMerge PRO for Outlook supports more than 50 fields. All the standard Outlook contact fields are now supported. eMailMerge PRO 4Outlook gets around this by scheduling your e-mails for delivery in batches. Using the same easy Wizard you set how many e-mails you want to send within a given time frame.


QuickFile helps you organize mail quicker and more sensibly. Your emails get filed away, fast and easy. And you can find them again later, fast and easy.


Your customer service and technical support teams spend hours each day repeating a particular task that not only wastes their time (and your money) but can contribute to job dissatisfaction and poor performance. That task is: typing in answers to the same customer queries over and over. InsertText 4Outlook is an Outlook addon that allows you to quickly and easily insert pre-written text blocks into email replies.


TaskColors 4Outlook is an Outlook addon that lets you color your task lists with different colors. This makes it faster and easier to identify important tasks. TaskColors 4Outlook is a valuable tool for both planning and management of your and your team's time.