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The division of Quester is the development of MS Outlook networks and the integration of IT products of partner companies with the target of small and medium-size enterprises. Quester is the the origin and development company of this internationally unique GroupWare product for MS Outlook networks. Since its beginning of 2000, the vision - "The Network for MS Outlook" - has propelled Quester to its position as a leading manufacturer of products, technologies, software and services that make the "Net work computing" for enterprise-far communication in small and middle Outlook networks. Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, Quester is a leading provider of small and medium-sized enterprise communications solutions for Microsoft Outlook networks. The attractive partner program QPN (Quester`s Partner Network) ensures the fact that the number of content partners and their final customers becomes world-wide constantly larger. At present world-wide already more than 24,000 Outlook users in over 6,000 enterprises work with OLfolders for Outlook networks.


Outlook team work - Microsoft Outlook 97 to 2007 network solutions without or in connection with an Exchange Server. OLfolders formerly well-known as WorkGroupFolders enables the common real time access to all folders in your Outlook network without a complex network Server. Install OLfolders simply central on any Outlook Workstation PC in your Network and from then on you work simultaneously "everyone with everyone" in your Outlook network.


QSynchronization is a Microsoft Office Outlook add-in without or additionally to a Microsoft Exchange Server. QSynchronization synchronizes uni- or bidirectional your Microsoft Outlook folders with Outlook notebooks such as contacts, calendars, appointments, tasks, emails or PDA with your central Outlook Folders. It can synchronize any folder type for example between a notebook and a central desktop, between public folders and personal folders.

OLfolders PE

OLfolders PE is a small edition of OLfolders formerly well-known as OutlookFolders which allows sharing Microsoft Outlook in a network without installing a complex server application. It runs under any version of Windows from Windows 95 to Vista and with Outlook 97 to 2007. It enables sharing personal data files with 11 users in a network; you are able to share contacts, tasks, appointments, emails ... at all workstation at the same time.


OLFix (Freeware) for MS Outlook 97 to 2007 combines some tools for repairing common things like the profile, contact links and features, for example calling the internal Outlook repair command line switches with a click of a button. Also some hidden settings can be set for example reminders in different folders.


QMailFilter is an easy-to-use Microsoft Outlook add-on designed to provide an advanced intelligent protection against spammers, viruses and dangerous HTML code (Web-bugs). QMailFilter uses Bayesian filtering technology that identifies about 99% of incoming spam messages and it contains one before-trained filter as basic data base and this trained filter identifies between 90-99% of incoming advertising emails.