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Sep 02, 2008

Envelopes & Labels

Aladdins - Envelopes & Labels is an Outlook add-in, that enables you to print envelopes and labels for selected contacts with just 3 mouse clicks. You can print any data from your selected contacts, notes, or any custom information you enter. Multiple templates can be stored, which can include text, images, frames, US Postal barcodes and more. It provides direct support for Avery and Zweckform lab...

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Sep 01, 2008

SelectedItems Add-In

Show number of selected items in Outlook. Normally you can only see the total number of items in the statusbar in the bottom of the screen, but with this add-in it is now possible to also see the number of selected items in the toolbar above.

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Aug 14, 2008

Outlook on the Desktop

Have you ever wondered why its such a pain in the butt to use calendaring programs on your computer? Its simple: they dont mimic their real life counterparts very well. People who use calendars to organize their daily lives have them visible in plain sight nearly all of the time. Yet, on the computer, you have to go through a myriad of windows and clicks before you can even see your calendar. So t...

Aug 04, 2008

New Microsoft Office Outlook Connector version 12.1 Beta released

Microsoft has just released a new Beta version of the Outlook Connector - an add-in that puts your Windows Live Hotmail data in Outlook. Previous versions of the Connector synchronized e-mail and contacts for free, but required a subscription to premium services to synchronize your Hotmail calendar. With the new 12.1 Beta, calendar synchronization is free and what`s more, it synchronizes to the ne...

Jul 18, 2008


On first invocation all messages will be extracted as individual .eml files. Subsequent invocations will only update the output directory: .eml files that do not correspond to messages in the .dbx file will be treated as deleted messages and will be deleted from the disk. Furthermore, only new messages, that do not correspond to files on disk, will be extracted from the .dbx file. UnDBX was writte...

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Jul 15, 2008

Schemax Calendar 2

Schemax Calendar is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007. It helps you schedule meetings, manage resources like meeting rooms and equipment and forecast activity by category and resources. You can view appointments as calendars, timelines or bar charts. You can filter and group appointments by category and resource and view up to twelve months in a single screen. Calendar overlays help q...

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Jun 26, 2008

RPOST Services

Recent legislation and court rulings hold that electronic messages are given the same legal status as paper documents (E-SIGN, UETA). The Registered E-mail services provide legal and verifiable evidence of the content and time any e-mail was sent and received by anyone, anywhere in the world. The service is designed to protect the sender in those instances where the delivery, content or time of an...

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Jun 17, 2008

DriveHQ Email Manager

Drag & drop or automatically backup your emails in real-time or scheduled time; manage / migrate your emails on multiple PCs (or accounts) like Windows Explorer; make your emails available on webmail. The backend service is powered by DriveHQ SMTP / POP3 / IMAP email server hosting service. Founded in 2003, DriveHQ is one of the leading online file storage & sharing, online backup, FTP and Email s...

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Jun 03, 2008

Outlook folder permissions

If your administrator has set up a public folder, you may have permission to use some or all of the folders within the public folder. If someone has shared one of their private folders with you or designated you as a delegate for that folder, then you have permission to perform certain activities in that folder. The extent of the activities you can perform in a public folder, shared private folder...

May 30, 2008

What's the difference between Outlook 2007's To-Do's and Tasks

In Outlook 2007, Microsoft introduced the concept of To-Dos. These are similar to, but distinct from Tasks, and have caused no end of confusion for people. If youre one of the many people who is unsure about the difference between these two aspects of Outlook 2007, stick around. By the end of this article, well have the confusion cleared up. In the beginning, there were Tasks In the beginning, t...