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Due to an increasing demand by international clients for its products, Addonmail has today successfully entered the global market. Created by specialist mail software engineers, the main activities of AddOnMail are: Mail add-ons; Specialized mail services; Value-added support and maintenance.


Attach2Link transparently replaces attachments with "blind-links". The attached files are stored on a website or server of your choice. This allows sending messages with attachments that were previously rejected by Outlook, regardless of their size.


AttachTracker writes the mailing information and displays information directly in Windows Explorer, without opening Outlook. Mailing information associated to a file sent or received are now available with a simple right click on the file name in Windows Explorer.


PSTStation is a complete tool to maintain and repair .pst files. Includes 4 integrated repair and maintenance functions: Scan, Recovery, Backup, Migrate to unicode.


Large Outlook .PST files become unstable and users risk loosing all their data. They also waste a lot of hard disk space. PSTManager transparently compacts and reduces the size of all .PST files, without any end-user action.


MailControl warns when the size of the .pst files exceeds a preset threshold. Our complementary product PSTManager can be used to allow transparent compaction to alleviate the problem. MailControl can be managed by an administrator with the Plug-In Management Console.


Plug-in integrated into the Rules Wizard as a Custom Action. MP*Print transforms basic printing into an automated high printing function.


MailPilot*IN goes way beyond Outlook functions to monitor your mail as it comes in, route it and automatically initiate the appropriate action : Automatically sends messages to the selected printer as they come in. Automatically acknowledges your reception of messages and sends a receipt back to the sender if requested. Start the appropriate program to open the attachments.


Automatically composes and sends messages based on information in a command file. The result of each transmission is recorded in a log file.