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Our primary objective is to provide our customers with affordable workgroup management solutions. Our software products are developed to improve the productivity and efficiency of a workgroup that uses Microsoft Office programs as its software basis.

4Team for Microsoft Outlook

Cost-effective project management solution for workgroup and personal use that is made as an add-on for Microsoft Outlook and allows its users to easily share and manage their projects and Outlook data without or with a server.

4Team Server

Server synchronization for 4Team for MS Outlook, integrated with an existing 4Team Online (Server Edition) for web access without Outlook, Unlimited number of teams and users, server and email synchronization, MySQL database.

ShareO for Microsoft Outlook

Share Outlook calendar, contacts, journal, mail, tasks and notes folders with other Outlook users without a server with this easy-to-use utility. Share documents and files.

Schedules4Team for Microsoft Outlook

Cost-effective solution for workgroup and personal use that has been designed an add-on for Microsoft Outlook. This documentation will help workgroup/team members use the Schedules4Team software in order to be able to easily access a common workgroup calendar and share their appointments, meetings, events and resources with or without Exchange Server using just e-mail features.

ShareContacts for Microsoft Outlook

ShareContacts is based on ShareO functionality and allows the users to share and synchronize their Outlook Contacts folders' data and create public address book.

ShareCalendar for Microsoft Outlook

ShareCalendar is based on ShareO functionality and allows the users to share and synchronize their Outlook Calendar folders' data and create group / public calendars.


Fax4Office is a personal fax-integrating program that creates facsimile messages from documents and pictures, sends, receives and manages them, adding cover pages, directly from Windows, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office programs. You can send any Word, Excel or Webpage document directly from Internet Explorer or Microsoft Outlook, without previously printing it.

Sendlater for Microsoft Outlook

SendLater is a convenient tool for delayed and recurrent letter sending for Microsoft Outlook. This software solution lets to adjust time and range of sending for your letters. One more convenient option is DocTrack option that lets to automatize sending of the often edited documents to the selected recipients.


Microsoft Outlook add-on solution for management of your contacts in the Contacts folder of Microsoft Outlook 2002-2003. Sort by contact name, company name, etc. If you are looking for means to save your time, this software program is for you.

TabView Organizer for Microsoft Outlook

TabView Organizer is a Microsoft Outlook add-on solution for easy, smart and flexible sorting out of emails, tasks, contacts and other items. TabView Organizer software provides a possibility to narrow down the search within Personal folders by applying filters, which can overlap.

Send2 for Microsoft Outlook

Whenever you plan to send group e-mails, you always need to grab all your contacts and export them into the e-mail. Now, the Send2 solution is at your disposal to greatly facilitate such routine tasks.

FreeBusy for Microsoft Outlook

Convenient, cost effective and easy to use MS Outlook e-mail responder allowing you to automatically reply to all your incoming e-mail correspondence even if you are away from your computer.


Add-in program integrated into Microsoft Outlook email toolbar that significantly simplifies the process of sending numerous or repetitive email messages. Texts, templates, Messenger like Emoticons, attachments can make your personalized email responses look professional in just a few clicks.

ReplyWith add-on for Microsoft Outlook

ReplyWith is an add-in program integrated into Microsoft Outlook email toolbar that significantly simplifies the process of replying (forwarding) multiple or repetitive email messages using predefined email templates. In just a few clicks you can reply or forward your email with a chosen answer (template).

Vcard4Outlook for Micosoft Outlook

vCard Wizard is a simple utility for personal use designed as an add-on solution for Microsoft Outlook. It allows you to easily convert (import-export) all your Outlook Contacts information from/to vCard format files.


Mobile4you - e-mail and reminder forwarding to a cellular phone or a pager. As a Tray client, it checks e-mail, setup reminders, alerts and forwards filtered messages and reminders to a phone, a pager or other e-mail addresses.

Personal Folders Dashboard for Microsoft Outlook

Want to see more Microsoft Outlook information on your screen without having to walk from one folder to another? Personal Folders Dashboard allows you to view information you need in one single view!

Signature2Contacts for Outlook

Signature2Contacts retrieves the existing information from the e-mail message signature, automatically fills in the Contact form and offers tools for its further editing: assigning selected parts of signature to appropriate fields, clearing and rearranging form data.

SkypeContact Dialer for Microsoft Outlook

SkypeContact plugin is a convenient tool for integrating Skype to Microsoft Outlook. This software solution allows you to view all available contact information and choose the most suitable way to communicate. SkypeContact provides functionality for retrieving contact information for basic Outlook items such as e-mails, tasks, meetings and events

Duplicate Killer for Microsoft Outlook

Duplicate Killer is a convenient tool for managing duplicate items in Microsoft Outlook. This software solution provides the functionality to detect duplicate Outlook items and apply the preferred actions to them - move to a certain folder, mark with a flag or delete from your workstation.